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Thank you for your interest in Ormiston Venture Academy. As part of the Ormiston Academies Trust family, we are totally committed to raising aspirations and shaping the future of learning for our young people, ensuring they become valuable and active members of the communities in which they live.

Our four watch words are aspire, achieve, create and innovate, and we are firmly dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where every child can feel safe, enjoy and achieve.

At Ormiston Venture Academy, we believe in valuing tradition and embracing innovation, and know that every child has the potential to succeed.

In the words of our students, Venture means ‘to seek out new horizons, to face new challenges and to break new ground’

Ormiston Venture Academy specialises in mathematics and computing. We provide a student-centred, personalised and innovative learning environment with a creative curriculum that embraces critical thinking, new technologies and the use of best and innovative practice to transform learning and teaching and foster outstanding achievement in all measures. Unlocking students’ potential is our core business.

Venture is a member of the Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) network and both Gresham’s School in Holt and Norfolk County Council act as Strategic Partners. OAT is one of the largest multi-sponsor of Academies in England, its vision is for all young people to have the academic, social and practical skills to lead a fulfilling life. OAT embraces the following values:

Students, staff, parents, carers and stakeholders work together to ensure that we strive each day to create the leaders of tomorrow.

“At Venture our vision is to provide a world class 21st century learning community, where each member is included, valued, challenged and stretched to unlock their full potential”

Kind Regards

Simon Gilbert-Barnham – Principal