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Our curriculum offers a wide range of academic and vocational options, with a focus on quality in the core subjects of maths, English, science and Digital Media. We offer a three-year Key Stage 4, giving students the opportunity to gain a breadth of experience in their chosen options.

Key Stage 3

We offer a condensed Key Stage 3 (known within the academy as Pre GCSE) across Years 7 and 8 which focus on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Digital Media to ensure learners are ready for success at Key Stage 4. In addition to this students experience a wide range of engaging foundations subjects across Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages, Creative and Technological subjects providing learners with secure knowledge and skills necessary for future success. All students also experience 2 hours of Physical Education ensuring they develop healthy habits for their futures in addition to valuable team work and coaching abilities.

 An Ethos of Challenge and Support for Students

At Venture, we believe that every student can and will make outstanding progress. This is achieved through a personalised approach to learners, in which we:

 Key Stage 4

Our curriculum at Key Stage 4 is an exciting combination of personalised opportunities for our students that challenge and extend their learning.

We offer a core of English, Mathematics, Science and Digital Media. Within these core subjects we provide a range of pathways enabling the right student to take the right course. We ensure they leave Venture with the qualifications needed to take the next step in their education, training or employment.

In addition to this, every student has the opportunity to select up to 3 single year options from a wide range of exciting courses. We offer an innovative stage-not-age curriculum that focuses on a students individual ability and not their age grouping. This personalised approach enables our students to achieve high levels of success and engage in courses that provide an opportunity to truly flourish. All students have the flexibility to undertake the English Baccalaureate combination of study and we believe this is a pathway that should be available if a student wishes to pursue it.

GCSE Reform

In 2013 the Department for Education announced plans for reforming GCSE qualifications. These leaflets explain what this means to your child.

GCSE changes 2017

GCSE changes 2018

Our curriculum has enabled every student to realise success and provide the platform for our students to realise their potential.

Year 9 Options Booklet

Year 10 Options Booklet

Year 11 Options booklet

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps provide staff, students and parents with guidance of what will be studied in each subject and year group, every week of the academic year. They outline the topics studied, how and when units will be assessed and what Extended Learning should be completed.  These are a useful tool for parents to support learning outside of the classroom and to further help you understand the assessments reported on GO4Schools.

Curriculum Maps are regularly reviewed to ensure that they plan for outstanding progress across all subjects and year groups at Venture.

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Year 7     Curriculum Map 2016-17

Year 8     Curriculum Map 2016-17

Year 9     Curriculum Map 2016-17

Year 10   Curriculum Map 2016-17

Year 11   Curriculum Map 2016-17