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Examination Performance

“Based on their low starting points, most students make outstanding progress. Standards have risen from well below to above the national average since opening.” Ofsted 2013


New performance tables from 2016 measure performance differently to previous years. The DFE has produced a short video explaining these measures which can be viewed here  Venture has transitioned the curriculum over to new qualifications since 2016. Modelling indicates that if students achieve as well in a fully transitioned curriculum that the progress 8 score was likely to be greater than +0.2. This is reinforced by the rapidly improving trend and the significantly improved progress 8 score in 2017 of +0.23.

Reformed GCSEs in English language, literature and mathematics and a move from grades (A*-C) to numbers (9-1) means that is not possible to compare Basics (the percentage of students achieving a “pass” in both English language/literature and mathematics) with years prior to 2017. Likewise changes in how attainment 8 is calculated means that a like for like comparison with previous years in not possible.

Our Year on Year results are:





Progress 8




Attainment 8




% standard pass (9-4) in English


% standard pass (9-4) in mathematics


% standard pass (9-4) in English and mathematics


% standard pass (9-5) in English


% standard pass (9-5) in mathematics


% good pass (9-5) in  English and mathematics


% English Baccalaureate




% entered English Baccalaureate




%  pupils staying in education or employment





In the Progress 8 measure, Venture students are making overall progress of +0.23 meaning our students are achieving a quarter of a grade better than students nationally. This is based on the targeted 8 subjects that make up this measure and would not reflect additional qualifications that exceed this.

Venture prides itself on offering a broad and balanced curriculum and offers all students the opportunity to achieve the English Baccalaureate though recognises that students’ talents and interests may lay elsewhere. As a result currently the majority of students do not study all elements of the English Baccalaureate.

A number of students secured top grades in the new curriculum areas including grade 9’s in mathematics and English representing the highest attainment nationally.


There are brilliant success stories from our students, including:
Thiri Nyan Coe – OAT East Outstanding Achievement Winner at Venture Stars 2015, EAL, joined academy in March 2015, 7 As-A*s, 2 8s and 1 9 (Maths)

Thiri has worked with quiet determination since her arrival at Venture to not only master English and the Norfolk dialect but to ensure she achieves her goal of becoming a doctor. Thiri has achieved stunning results including 8s in English Language and English Literature and securing the new top national grade of a 9 in Mathematics.


Tiah-Paige Davie – Gresham’s Independent School Sixth Form Scholar for 2017/18, in receipt of the Pupil Premium. 5 A-A*s or equivalents, a 7 and an 8

Tiah took regular advantage of the support from the extended academy day to achieve excellent results in 2017. A talented, musician and performer with a broad range of talents, Tiah has the grades needed to ensure a bright future.


Liam Davyduck – Arrived in the UK in 2017, did not have a school place or any experience of the English education system, admitted by Venture in March 2017 and achieved 6s in English Language and Literature, a 5 in Mathematics and A*-C in 2 other subjects.


Principal Simon Gilbert-Barnham said:

“The hard work and dedication of our students, parents and staff has resulted in fantastic achievement across the academy including achieving the new top national grades. I would like to congratulate every one of our senior year for their success and wish you all the very best in the future. We are proud of you all.”

Further details of performance can be found at the DFE’s Performance Tables site. Click here to view Venture’s performance in greater detail.



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