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Gresham’s was founded in 1555 by Sir John Gresham, who converted Holt’s Manor House into a Free Grammar School as a result of Henry VIII’s suppression of the Monasteries.


At the turn of the twentieth century, Gresham’s was refounded under the direction of new and innovative headmaster George Howson. Under Howson, the School moved to the existing site on the edge of Holt and adopted a progressive curriculum which embraced the Sciences, encouraging independent thought and creativity amongst its pupils.

Gresham’s expanded considerably over the twentieth century, yet it retains the warm community atmosphere which has become central to its ethos over the years. They continue to embrace new technologies and follow a modern approach to education, with the construction of facilities such as the Auden Theatre, the Cairns Centre and the Butterwick Centre in recent years. They remain committed to offering a high standard of education and promoting personal growth, shaping generations of confident and enquiring young people.

Ormiston Venture Academy is delighted to have Gresham’s as an educational partner.

Ormiston Venture Academy works in partnership with Gresham’s in a variety of ways to give our students the experience of such a nationally renowned establishment.

One aspect of this partnership is the fantastic offer of a fully-funded scholarship to Gresham’s VI Form for two years for one of our Year 11 students. It is a package worth in excess of £50,000 over the two years and covers all boarding accommodation fees and ‘reasonable extras’ – everything necessary to be able to study at the school. It also offers the successful Venture student access to all the ‘extras’ that Gresham’s extends to their pupils in terms of extra-curricular activities: flying; shooting; expeditions; performances; concerts in a boarding school environment.

Year 11 candidates are able to put themselves forward for the potential scholarship and fight it out for the prestigious scholarship!

Principal Gilbert-Barnham and Miss Haddleton request that the candidates then write a report based on their experiences which would be used to support the Principal’s decision along with the final interviews to select the final four candidates.  The interviews to select the final four candidates take place in Spring.

These successful four are then given the opportunity to take their parents for a day at Gresham’s. Douglas Robb, the Gresham’s Headmaster and his team, then interview all four candidates and choose a winner. In addition to the interviews all four candidates are asked to take registration tests to show off their academic skills.  The final decision lies with the Gresham’s senior leadership team who take all the tests, interviews and academic data into consideration when deliberating.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Miss Haddleton at the Academy – she will be pleased to tell you more details about the process and requirements.

 Here is a link to see our Gresham’s Scholars