Pupil Premium

Impact of Actions


We are pleased to announce that our unvalidated Summer 2018 Progress 8 demonstrates that the 2017-18 Pupil Premium Strategy ensured

our disadvantaged students made more progress

than non-disadvantaged students nationally

This represents the impact of our strategies that focus on both literacy/numeracy interventions and wider skill sets; ensuring success throughout the curriculum.

Measuring impact

In addition to final examinations the impact of the pupil premium is tracked every half term from a variety of quantitative and qualitative sources including:

Each year we review our impact and use this to inform our future plans.



Evaluation of the Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18



How we use our Pupil Premium

At Venture we believe that every student, can and must achieve. We acknowledge that there may be barriers that may affect achievement and use Pupil Premium funding alongside the latest research (for example via The Sutton Trust) to provide personalised support to address these (see below). Our aims for this academic year are as follows:


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pdf-icon-copyPupil Premium Strategy 2018-19



Allocations for the financial year 2018 to 2019

The government has provided pupil premium funding for schools in proportion to the number of students who have claimed Free School Meals (FSM) in the last 6 years, commonly known as ‘Ever 6’. Funding is also provided for children of military service personnel and Looked After Children. The term “disadvantaged” is now used nationally to describe this group of students and to track their progress and achievement.

The rate in 18/19 is £935 per pupil in Years 7 – 11. Schools are free to decide how best to spend this funding, with a clear intention from the government that it should be used to support the learning of the target group of students and to close the attainment gap between these and other students.

This year we have approximately 45% of Ormiston Venture Academy Students eligible as “Ever 6” and have implemented a wide range of strategies to ensure that personalised support is provided to every individual in their learning. Pupil Premium funding has been allocated using research from the Sutton Trust and best practice to ensure it has a significant impact. The following outlines a number of principles we have used to implement an effective strategy:

The figures below summarise the allocation of spending to our plans. We have allocated additional funding in some areas to ensure that the provision can effectively be implemented.



Spend 2018-19

Spend 2017-18