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Union of Venture Students


“Students regularly volunteer to contribute to the academy by acting as prefects and sports leaders.”

Ofsted 2013

Union of Venture Students

Highly commended badge 2015







We have developed a new and innovative Student Leadership structure at the Academy with a university style Student Union overseeing every aspect of student life. There are opportunities for students of all ages to get involved in the Union and make a difference. At the head of this Union is the Union Executive Board which is made up of senior year students.

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Last year the Union were able to achieve the ‘Investors in Pupils’ Quality Mark, a nationally recognised mark awarded to schools and Academies that demonstrate a student-centred approach. This year the students will be looking to extend this student-centred approach through new initiatives led by the students such as Union Guilds and Societies.


Guild Activities are where students get to select to partake in a 7 week mini course in an area of study that interests them.  Some are run by staff, some by community members and some by students. The purpose is to allow students to develop a love of learning and have an opportunity to study areas that maybe the curriculum doesn’t allow us to offer such as Military Cadets, Boxing, Astronomy, Genealogy, Bushcraft and much much more. There will be three Guild Sessions in each year so students can take 3 separate guilds or enrol in a year long course such as Duke of Edinburgh or Titan. We always welcome anyone who might be able to volunteer and help run or support guilds.


Societies are the next step in after academy clubs. Ran by students for students. If students would like to set up a Union Society they need to find 3 people willing to act as the committee and a member of staff who will supervise. They can then advertise and get students who are interested to join their society. Each society has the right to bid for funding to spend on any items they feel they need to succeed. The goal is to eventually not only increase the number of extra curricular activities offered in the Academy but to have students running them all.

Roles of Responsibility

There are hundreds of roles of responsibility that students in every year can get involved in from prefects to shop assistants, from reporters to sports leaders and so much more. Have a look through our student leadership booklet below to see all of the opportunities that our students have to involve themselves in the running of the academy.

Having your say

If you don’t want to take on a role of responsibility and get involved, that doesn’t mean your voice isn’t important and there are a wide range of ways to get it heard. You can speak to your PL tutors, attend a Union drop in session in the VIP Café, submit a suggestion to the Union Suggestion Box or use the Diary Room. We are really proud of our Diary Room as it gives students the opportunity to share their views on a number of different issues. Once they enter our Diary Room, they have 45 seconds to share their views. To date, topics have included: the role of a PL tutor; how businesses could help the Academy; reading habits; what makes an outstanding lesson.


The whole point of the union is for the students to have an impact on their own learning environment. This includes having a budget to spend on academy improvement, deciding what guilds and societies will run, selecting charities to fundraise for and then making as much money as possible and perhaps most importantly creating a whole academy of role models.


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