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Attendance and Punctuality

Ormiston Venture Academy is committed to providing a full and efficient education to all students and embraces the concept of equal opportunities for all.

We endeavour to provide an environment where all students feel valued and welcome.

For every student to achieve their best and learn to their full potential it is essential that they have excellent attendance.

Full attendance (100%) is the standard expected.  Attendance figures can be viewed on Go4Schools.  Attendance of 97% or above is very good, 97-95% is good, 95-90% is poor and below 90% is a serious cause for concern.  The College Leader will follow up instances of prolonged and/or frequent absence.  90% attendance may sound reasonable but it actually means missing half a year of school as a whole between year 7 and 11.

If your son/daughter is unable to attend the Academy, please:

The Academy now operates a ‘Penalty Notice’ system, whereby any student absent from the Academy for 10 sessions (5 days) can be referred to the Local Authority for a penalty notice (this includes holidays during Academy term time).

The Local Authority has introduced a system where any pupil who has an attendance of 85% or less with at least 15% unauthorised absence over a 6 week period or 10 consecutive sessions unauthorised absence (including holidays) will meet the criteria for legal intervention which could be in the form of a fixed penalty notice.

Any pupil in Ormiston Venture Academy who meets either criteria, will be referred to the Local Authority for action to be considered.’

Further to this due to government changes from September 2015 regarding attendance, we are now in a position where we require absence to be supported by one of the four statutory defences.

1.     That the absences are with leave (ie that they have been agreed by the principal)

2.     That they are because of sickness or unavoidable cause. You must provide evidence to support absences due to ill-health if your child falls below 95%, this can be through a copy of a medical appointment card that has been signed by the surgery, prescription or information from a medical practitioner.

3.     That the absences fall on days of religious observance for the religion to which parents belong

4.     That the child is entitled to free transport to school and the LA have failed to provide this

Please contact the Academy Attendance Officer for further details.

Unacceptable attendance will be investigated by our Attendance Officer which could lead to a six week attendance contract which could lead to prosecution and/or a penalty notice.

The College Leader will also monitor and contact home if a student has irregular or erratic lesson attendance.

Academy Procedures

The parent or carer of any child who is absent from Ormiston Venture Academy must notify the Academy before 8.25 am.  The Academy can be notified of absence on 01493 660270.


Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management.

PL rooms used for registration are accessible from 8.20am.  Students must be ready to enter the room where they register by this time.  Students who arrive after 8.25am must report to the Attendance Officer.

For students who are persistently late, further consequences will occur.  Being on site is not sufficient as students must be ready to register.  Students will receive a sanction in the form of a 15 minute detention on each day that they are late. In addition, students who are persistently will receive supplementary sanctions, in the form of pastoral detention, Principal’s detention and time in the Seclusion Room.

Unforeseen Closure

In the event of the school being unable to open or forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather, information will be available on the school website www.ormistonventureacademy.co.uk, on the Norfolk County Council website www.norfolk.gov.uk and also on Radio Norfolk.

Updated attendance letter, September 2018

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