After Academy clubs 2018-19 (2)



Attending activities based on your thoughts for future careers, and subjects you might like to study further after Venture, is a good idea.

For example if you are considering a career in these industries, the attached subjects would certainly help your understanding and may give you a ‘step up’ on the competition:

Law – English, Humanities, Maths, Languages
Education and Entrepreneur – All
Engineering or Trades Person – Create, Science, Maths
Sport – PE
Hospitality and Entertainment – Create, English, Humanities, Languages
Forces / Public Services – Science, Maths, English, Humanities, PE
Writing and Journalism – English, Create, Humanities, Languages
IT – Computer Science, Maths
Medicine – Science, Maths

(The recommended subjects are not an exhaustive list)

To bolster your CV and therefore increase your chances of gaining a place at a ‘competitive’ university to study for ‘academic’ qualifications, these activities are considered most desirable:

Book Club
Lit Quiz