Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps provide staff, students and parents with guidance of what will be studied in each subject and year group, every week of the academic year.  They outline the topics studied, how and when units will be assessed and what Extended Learning should be completed.  These are a useful tool for parents to support learning outside of the classroom and to further help you understand the assessments reported on GO4Schools.

Curriculum Maps are regularly reviewed to ensure that they plan for outstanding progress across all subjects and year groups at Venture.

Click on the link below:

Year 7 Curriculum Map 2015-16_Page_01

     Year 7 Curriculum Map 2017-2108





Year 8 Curriculum Map 2015-16_Page_01

     Year 8 Curriculum Map 2017-2018





Year 9 Curriculum Map 2015-16_Page_01

     Year 9 Curriculum Map 2017-2018





Year 10 Curriculum Map 2015-16_Page_01

     Year 10 Curriculum Map 2017-2018





Year 11 Curriculum Map 2015-16_Page_01      Year 11 Curriculum Map 2017-2018