Target Setting and Reporting


Venture is committed to ensuring that every student, regardless of their starting point, makes outstanding progress so that that each student leaves Venture with rigorous qualifications that will ensure that they are ready for the next stage of their education, employment or training.

These high aspirations result in all students being set challenging targets based on a minimum of four levels of progress from Key Stage 2-4. All targets from Year 7 -11 reflect the minimum grade that we expect students to leave Venture with from an A*-C grade.

Through formative and summative assessments, every student receives a Working at Grade (a reflection of where they are currently working in a subject) and a Predicted Grade (the grade that the teacher believes they will reach by the end of the key stage). These grades are reviewed and reported every half term. Additionally an Effort grade of 1-5 is reported half termly, with 1 representing outstanding effort. All grades and reports are available for parents, carers and students themselves to view at any time through our online “live” reporting system go4schools. Please contact the academy if you have any queries regarding a student’s achievement.

Following the DfE’s recent decision to remove National Curriculum Levels of assessment, Venture has created and refined assessment processes to ensure that it continues to have a rigorous, robust, measurable and transparent system of assessment. Our experienced staff have worked with guidance from PiXL, a nationally recognised educational organisation to develop a “flight path” model of assessment as illustrated below.

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This model looks at the knowledge, skills and understanding a student must have acquired each year to be on track to achieve their target at the end of the course. In the illustration above a student has made excellent progress each year and stayed on track to achieve their end of Key Stage 4 target of a B grade in a subject. This model makes it straightforward for parents, carers and students to recognise if a child is working at, above or below their target grade and to intervene as necessary to either celebrate success or address underachievement.

For example a student with a target of a B who is working at a B every half term is on track to make the outstanding progress we expect of them. Should the same student be working at or predicted to achieve an A they would be making above expected progress. If the student was working at a C grade or lower he/she would not be making expected progress and the reasons for this would be established and intervention put in place. In all such scenarios support from home is crucial in helping students achieve their targets.

Each subject has developed criteria for Years 7-11 to demonstrate how knowledge, skills and understanding progresses across the curriculum. These are available upon request.