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Venture Uniform

Harrisons Schoolwear are delighted to be the approved supplier of Academy uniform for Ormiston Venture Academy.

Harrisons Schoolwear will attend the Academy Intake Evening and will be happy to assist in any way they can when you place your order.

When you visit their website you will see that not only do they stock our Academy uniform, but also everything your child could need for school days. They pride themselves on offering outstanding Quality, Value and customer service.

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Or call their customer services team on 01493 662214 where a friendly and helpful service is guaranteed.

All Harrisons Schoolwear products are specially selected designed and manufactured to perform in the demanding world of school uniform.

Uniform Guidelines

At Ormiston Venture Academy it was highlighted in our Outstanding Ofsted report that ‘Students wear their uniforms with pride’. We ensure the highest of standards to enable us to focus onthe conversation of learning and your childs education. It is this focus that enables our students to achieve so highly and realise their full potential.

Blazers: Blazers must be worn at all times, both indoors and outdoors, whilst at the Academy. In the case of warm weather, students may request to remove their blazers while in lessons. In extremely warm weather, students will be informed that they may travel around the Academy without their blazers.

Jumpers: Jumpers should be worn under blazers in cooler weather at all times, but may be removed in cases of warm weather at the students’ discretion.

Shirts: Boys shirts must be white, long-sleeved, button up shirts. These may be purchased at any retailer. Shirts are required to be buttoned up to the top, so please ensure a comfortable fit when purchasing.

Blouses: Girls blouses must be purchased from our uniform supplier.

Ties: Ties must be worn by boys at all times at the Academy.

Shoes: No trainers may be worn at any time (excluding PE) at the Academy. Only proper, all black school shoes may be worn, with no visible branding of any kind. Girls may wear black ‘dolly’ shoes, but they may not have any embellishments (glitter, gems, etc.) or any other colour on them. No exceptions will be made to this rule without a doctor’s certificate. Notes from parents/carers will not be accepted. 

Trousers: Trousers must be purchased from our uniform supplier.

Skirts: Skirts must be purchased from our uniform supplier and may not be ‘rolled up’ to achieve a shorter length.

Belts: Only black belts with plain buckles are allowed.

Socks: Black or skin-colour tights may be worn with skirts. These may not be patterned in any way. Alternatively, girls may wear short socks, which must be white, black or grey. No knee socks (over or under the knee) will be allowed.

Jewellery: There is no jewellery allowed at the Academy. This includes earrings. As piercings normally take around 6 weeks to heal, please ensure that any new piercings take place at the start of the summer holiday, as they will not be allowed to remain in during school time. Any jewellery seen will be confiscated*

Make-up: Natural make up may be worn at the Academy. No bright colours or heavy application will be allowed.

Nail Varnish: Only natural colours will be allowed at the Academy. French manicures are acceptable provided they are not patterned or embellished.

Hair: No extreme cuts or colours, including two coloured hair, will be allowed at the Academy. Hair should be neat and tidy.  Dyed hair must be of a natural colour (one tone).  All hair accessories must be small in size and in school colours: red, black, white and grey are acceptable.

PE Kit: Students are responsible for bringing PE Kit to the Academy when necessary. Failure to do so will result in a sanction from the PE Faculty. PE kit consists of red Ormiston Venture polo top, plain black shorts (non branded), red and black sock, and sports trainers not leisure trainers such as Vans or Converse. All of the kit is available from Harrisons.

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Additional kit can be worn during winter and this consists of: plain black base layers can be worn underneath usual polo top and shorts. Girls are not permitted to wear tights but can wear black leggings. Or plain black jacket and tracksuit bottoms (no logos, stripes or coloured zips etc.). Students must still wear all parts of their normal kit. These layers are ‘additional.’

No mobile phones or electronic devices are allowed at the Academy. If they are seen or heard, they will be confiscated*

Students not in full uniform at the start of the Academy day will be asked to return home and change. Students who travel by bus, or from long distances should keep this in mind to avoid unnecessary logistical problems.

 *If an item is confiscated, it can only be retrieved by a parent/carer at the end of the Academy day. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items, and therefore encourage students not to bring these items to the Academy.