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From left to right:

Mr S Doggett (Director of Learning Cultures), Mrs N Rossage (Designated Safeguarding Lead, Vice Principal), Mrs L Smith (Student Support and Safeguarding Officer), Mrs M Lane (Head of Senior Year, Safeguarding Governor) Mrs K Williams (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Vice Principal) and Mr D Smith (Senior College Leader) 

We believe that our Academy should provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment that promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child.

We recognise the importance of providing an environment within our Academy that will help children feel safe and respected.

We recognise the importance of enabling children to talk openly about anything that worries them and to feel confident that they will be listened to.

We will work with parents to build an understanding of the Academy’s responsibilities to ensure the welfare of all children, including the need for referrals to other agencies in some situations.

Safeguarding arrangements in our Academy are underpinned by two key principles:

Our students can report any safeguarding concerns electronically at any time, whether during or outside of the school day, via the Big Red Button. 

No mobile phones (or associated watches) or mp3 players are allowed at the Academy. If they are seen or heard, they will be confiscated. If an item is confiscated, it can only be retrieved by a parent/carer at the end of the Academy day. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items, and therefore encourage students not to bring these items to the Academy.

Please download our online safety guidance and advice for parents from Norfolk Constabulary.

A helpful resource for parents from Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board and parental advice from the Rose Project, a local group supporting young people.

You may also be interested in this useful website from the NSPCC, Keeping Children Safe


Net Aware is the UK’s only parents’ guide to 39 of the most popular social media sites, apps, and games used by young people. The guide is informed by 1,696 children and young people and 674 parents and guardians.


Alice’s story, A Victim of CSE


Further useful resources:


Cyberbullying advice sheet for young people 


Online guidance for parents


Guidance on exam pressure and advice is available from childline


How can you safeguard children from sexting


Safer Schools Partnership


Keeping Children Safe in Education


Working Together to Safeguard Children


Do You Sext? from Norfolk Constabulary


NSPCC NetAware


Child Sexual Information leaflet from Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board


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